Women members of the Saving for Change group in El Fasher village in North Darfur. Elizabeth Stevens / Oxfam

Deadly conflict between armed groups and government forces in Sudan has caused massive deaths and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. The Darfur region, west of the country, has borne most of the brunt of the fighting being home to at least 3 million internally displaced people. Similar violence has also erupted in the states of South Kordofan and the Blue Nile since 2011, displacing hundreds of thousands from their homes. In addition, Sudan is now home to over 768,000 South Sudanese refugees who have fled war and hunger in their country since a civil war broke out in 2013.

Our work in Sudan

Oxfam’s overarching vision for Sudan is a nation free of conflict where people have equal access to resources and participate actively in decision making, and governance structures are responsive to people’s needs. Our work is in three states in the Darfur region namely North Darfur, South Darfur, and East Darfur. with partners and displaced communities to give access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, security, nutrition, and protection as well as sharing information about health and hygiene to displaced people in Darfur.

Responding to crises

Emergency response focuses on providing clean water through water trucking and constructing boreholes. We also train local committees on managing existing water facilities.

Our work on sanitation and hygiene promotion builds community knowledge on how to protect themselves from deadly waterborne diseases. We also provide latrines, bathing areas, soap, and water cans. Health promoters in their communities are trained to show hygiene practices, organize awareness and cleaning campaigns and distribute hygiene dignity kits.

Building community resilience

Through our local partners in North and South Darfur, we train farmers and pastoralist communities. Oxfam distributed certified seeds and tools for more than 1000 farmers who were affected by El Niño and carrying out vaccination campaigns for livestock.

Our work in nutrition improves nutritional knowledge and hygiene practices of women, with a special focus on protecting the health of children under five, pregnant and nursing mothers. The program trained more than 2000 mothers in different communities. The mothers receive equipment’s and materials to grow their own gardens and have the knowledge teach and train others.

Our saving for change program supports women in rural areas generate a household income through community-based saving and lending group. With our local partners, we train women on the value of saving, investing in small business and increasing financial security. Support has been given to over 1000 groups.

The Disaster Risk Reduction helps improve early warning systems through training local groups on how to use available information on reducing natural, human-made hazards and properly /rational management of their natural resources.

Contact details

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