Humanitarian Response

A woman collects her first bag of dried food after three months being inside an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Bunia, eastern DR Congo. John Wessels / Oxfam

The vicious cycle of crisis

Humanitarian situations in this region are nothing new, claiming thousands of lives and damaging property and sinking vulnerable populations deeper into poverty.

9 out of 10 countries in the region are currently responding to multiple and overlapping emergencies resulting from a mix of natural and man-made causes such as cyclical droughts exacerbated by climate change as well as protracted conflicts and political situations. Deadly diseases such as Ebola and Cholera also frequent various parts of the region.

With crises becoming more regular and complex in the region, large-scale investments will continue to be devoted to response and surge capacity as well as building long-term resilience of affected communities.

Oxfam is there

We partner with local and community-based organizations to deliver clean safe water and sanitation facilities; cash assistance and agricultural input to buy and produce food; as well as protection assistance to vulnerable groups.

Addressing the root causes of humanitarian situations is critical in breaking the cycle of disasters and ensuring that those in power put efficient systems and structures in place to protect communities from future shocks. Therefore resilience becomes an integral part of response where communities are put in the driving seat of making aid work for them.

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