DRC Crisis

Berte sits with her child inside a church in Kasai province, eastern DRC. John Wessels / Oxfam

One of the world's protracted crisis

For decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been the center-stage for deadly conflict between armed groups, leading to one of the world's worst protracted humanitarian crisis. Renewed fighting, as well as the resurgence of the Ebola epidemic in the eastern parts of the country, has worsened the situation, stretching already affected people to breaking point.

Yet, donor funding needed to provide life-saving aid has not matched the level of need, significantly hurting the response. In 2018, humanitarian agencies will need US$ 1.7 billion to ensure that 10 million people across the country have clean safe water, nurtitious food, shelter, protection and other forms of support.

Delivering assistance, now and for the future

Playing a leading role in the response, Oxfam is improving people's access to clean safe water  as well as good sanitation facilities. We are also supporting families with cash assistance that will help them purchase necessities such as food from local markets. Protection is mainstreamed into all humanitarian work.

We also implement long-term development programs that will help earn an income and better sustain themselves.

Visit our global appeal page for the DRC crisis to know more on our response and how you can plug in.