Ongoing Crises

Oxfam distributing rice, beans and flour to about 4,525 people during the Ebola outbreak in Equateur province.


Horn, East, and Central Africa is currently the epicenter of catastrophic humanitarian crises emanating from both natural and man-made causes some of which have lasted for decades. The impacts of crises are often felt hardest in the least developed and marginalized areas, mostly in rural areas. Majority of the population in these areas have limited access to basic services and infrastructure and often lack adequate information, systems or structures that could protect them from adverse effects of current and future crises. As a result, millions of women, children and men are left destitute, losing their means to provide for themselves and being forced to rely on humanitarian assistance for their survival.

Our work

Oxfam is there. We work with local communities and organizations to provide life-saving food, water, and sanitation facilities as well as protection assistance for the most vulnerable particularly women and girls. We are currently responding to the impact of the prolonged drought in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia as well as some of the world's leading humanitarian crises in DR Congo and South Sudan.

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