Oxfam distributing rice, beans and flour to about 4,525 people during the Ebola outbreak in Equateur province.
Context Horn, East, and Central Africa is currently the epicenter of catastrophic humanitarian crises emanating from both natural and man-made causes some of which have lasted for decades. The impacts of crises are often felt hardest in the least developed and marginalized areas, mostly in rural...
Louise has fled fighting five times and a natural disaster once. She lost her husband and three children in one week. Louise is a member of Oxfam’s Protection Programme in North Kivu, DRC. Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam
We aim to help individuals prevent, and respond to, violence and abuse, while also holding duty-bearers to account for the protection of civilians in emergencies.
A Burundian refugee receives a bucket and jerry cans at an Oxfam distribution in Nduta camp, Tanzania. Amy Christian/Oxfam
In any emergency, access to clean safe water and sanitation services is essential in enhancing people's dignity
Taking a market based approach, our activities focus on saving and sustaining lives as well as helping people recover and rebuild their livelihoods.
A woman collects her first bag of dried food after three months being inside an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Bunia, eastern DR Congo. John Wessels / Oxfam
The vicious cycle of crisis Humanitarian situations in this region are nothing new, claiming thousands of lives and damaging property and sinking vulnerable populations deeper into poverty. 9 out of 10 countries in the region are currently responding to multiple and overlapping emergencies...
Mary stands outside her house in Mangaten IDP camp in Juba, South Sudan. Robert Fogarty/Oxfam
Mary, from Marlei, fled Malakal to Mangaten camp in Juba when war broke out. She now takes care of 7 children in the camp, without the support of her husband who stayed behind. She complains that life in the site is difficult, and there is a general lack of food supplies. She wants to return home...
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