DRC has the most number of coronavirus cases in the Horn East and Central Africa (HECA) region. The Forum of National Humanitarian and Development Organizations in DRC (FONAHD-RDC) is a network dedicated to building the capacities of its 98 member organizations and to supporting joint advocacy on...
A Congolese man cycles past a sign saying, "the fight against Ebola" in Mangina, DRC. John Wessels/Oxfam
Widespread turmoil caused by increased violence and displacements in the country are hampering efforts to control the Ebola virus, a year after the current outbreak was declared in DR Congo.
Two Oxfam workers prepare concrete to build a platform to host a water tank in Fizi territory. Alexis Huguet/Oxfam Novib
A year ago, Oxfam started constructing the longest water pipeline in its history in DR Congo. Once it's done, over 100,000 people will no longer have to rely on dirty sources for water.
Health workers carry out the corpse of a unconfirmed Ebola case, from the ebola treatment centre (ETC) in Mangina. John Wessels/Oxfam
In response to the number of Ebola cases in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reaching 500, Chals Wontewe, Oxfam’s Country Director in the DRC, said: “DRC is battling to keep Ebola under control; cases are increasing at a quicker rate and the virus has spread further. “Although the...
Arrival of Congolese people expelled from Angola. Scherazade Bouabid/Oxfam
Over 257,000 Congolese people have sought safety having been forced to leave Angola in a violent clampdown on refugees and migrants.
Berte sits with her child inside a church in Kasai province, eastern DRC. John Wessels / Oxfam
One of the world's protracted crisis For decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been the center-stage for deadly conflict between armed groups, leading to one of the world's worst protracted humanitarian crisis. Renewed fighting, as well as the resurgence of the Ebola epidemic in the eastern...
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