Susan campaigning for a leadership position in the Rhino Refugee Settlement, Uganda. Jose Mario/Oxfam
Refugees are often victims of the conflicts they flee from. But the pain and sorrow we have endured also drive our commitment to peace - the most durable solution.
Oxfam staff distributing water treatment kits in Juba, South Sudan. Albert Gonzalez Farran / Oxfam
By Loice Kiden I became a refugee at the age of seven. I remember crouching in the dark and hearing the sound of gunfire and bombs. All of a sudden, everything had changed: I had no choice but to flee my home in Lainya, South Sudan and walk barefoot for seven days. I winced as I saw traces of blood...
Make peace, not war. Robert Fogarty/Oxfam
Five years on since the start of the conflict, the ones who have lost so much – South Sudanese refugees – are the ones laying the groundwork for peace.
Arrival of Congolese people expelled from Angola. Scherazade Bouabid/Oxfam
Over 257,000 Congolese people have sought safety having been forced to leave Angola in a violent clampdown on refugees and migrants.
Dawa Deborah of the Loketa Women's Group in Rhino refugee settlement shows off one of the briquettes made by the group. Credit: Oxfam
Oxfam is training refugee communities on how to make briquettes, which are essentially cooking charcoal made from solid waste.
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