Fatima seated outside her home in Darfur, Sudan. Amal Abdelgadir/Oxfam
Two years ago, deadly fighting broke out in Fatima's village in Darfur making her childhood dream of becoming a doctor seem impossible to reach. But an Oxfam training her helped get it back.
A woman walking through a settlement for displaced people in Somaliland. Allan Gichigi/Oxfam
In 2017, serious drought forced thousands of Somali families to leave their rural homes and look for alternative means to earn an income in urban centers. However, despite the limited livelihood opportunities available, these families do not intend to return home soon.
Theresie in her organic pineapple farm in eastern Rwanda. Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville / Oxfam
Women in eastern Rwanda are no longer trapped in a low income cycle, thanks to organic pineapples.
Taking a market based approach, our activities focus on saving and sustaining lives as well as helping people recover and rebuild their livelihoods.
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