Women representation in leadership is underrepresented, says Oxfam

Thursday, March 11, 2021
Young school girl helps her mother fetch water  during lock-down in Lankien. Photo by Dominic Kango

As we celebrate the women in our lives, the women in South Sudan have done so much that they really need to be celebrated. They are the architect of the current Revitalised Peace Agreement that shows a roadmap to reform in South Sudan. Oxfam in line with the global theme #choose to challenge recognises the contributions of women against the pandemic, coupled with existing problems of civil unrest and floods in South Sudan. There are many things to challenge in South Sudan for women’s progress; inequality, underrepresentation in decision making and leadership, communal violence, rape, GBV and early child marriages among other things.

On this COVID-19 anniversary, Oxfam South Sudan Country Director, Adil Al Mahi said: "to highlight the plight of women in South Sudan during the COVID-19 pandemic, we conducted a research on the impact of schools’ closures on female learners in South Sudan. The findings of the research show women as the primary victims of conflict, COVID-19 crisis and floods.”

“Women in South Sudan have taken front seats in the fight against COVID-19 crisis, as medics and caregivers. COVID-19 has highlighted, not only the disproportionate burdens that women carry but also their commitment to create a just world without poverty. The women we work with have demonstrated that together we can overcome this deadly pandemic.”

“Like before, they have shown exceptional skills, knowledge, and perspectives on how to effectively manage COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. We rely on their experience to continue our response program against the deadly pandemic.”

In South Sudan, women have contributed as combatants, medics and negotiators of peace talks. However, the recent formation of states and national government falls short of the 35% quota allocated to women. During this week of celebrating women worldwide, we take this opportunity to renew a call to include more women in leadership positions. We call for an inclusive society creating a just world without poverty.

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