South Sudan's hunger for peace

Exploring the links between hunger and conflict in South Sudan

A woman carries a sack of food airdropped by the World Food Programme (WFP) and distributed by Oxfam in Padding, Jonglei, South Sudan. Albert González Farran/Oxfam
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Oxfam in South Sudan
Paper publication date: 
Friday, March 2, 2018

Entering its fourth year of brutal war, South Sudan is yet again at a critical point in its young life - more South Sudanese are hungrier than ever before. Whilst famine has not been declared, 6.3 million people, almost half the country, are struggling to get enough to eat and are dependent on humanitarian aid that is increasingly difficult to access.

This report examines the impact of the ongoing conflict on hunger through the prism of livelihoods; women’s empowerment; displacement; water, sanitation and hygiene; and the spread of disease. It provides recommendations for the international community and warring parties on what they can do to stop the violence, increase access to humanitarian aid and allow the people of South Sudan to recover.