Silent No More

Laying Gender Based Violence Bare

Paper author: 
RICH & Government of Scotland through OXFAM in Rwanda.
Paper publication date: 
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

This booklet was made possible by the tireless effort of RICH and by the generous support of the government of Scotland through OXFAM in Rwanda. In bringing SGBV victims together in support groups, they are able to draw strength from one another. The entrepreneurship training is supporting girls that have dropped out of school in facing the future with courage.

The identities of the girls featured in this booklet have been altered to protect them and their families, hence the asterix. However, the stories remain authentic. We salute each one of them for their courage to tell their story and expose the vice that has overwhelmed our society. We salute each one who is raising a child born out of sexual violence – it takes strength.
We would like to thank the Isange Once Stop Center staff across the country for the work they are doing in embracing these victims of sexual abuse and guiding them towards a more hopeful future. Your reward lies in the rehabilitation of these victims and their successful reintegration back into society.
We must also remember parents and guardians who have stood by their children after they have been violated and loved them back to health. We salute those who have taken their daughters back to school and are walking with them on the journey of healing.
This section would be incomplete without mentioning the role of the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) and the courts across the country. It is only through the arrest and arraignment of suspects that some of these girls have been able to move on. Justice brings closure to their anguish and fear and it is hoped that every victim - herein featured or otherwise represented - will find justice.
We must not forget to thank the government of Rwanda that has put in place policies and laws that support SGBV prevention and response, working through MIGEPROF, MINSANTE, Rwanda National Police, RIB and other stakeholders.