Eastern Somaliland Gender and Protection Briefing Note

Paper author: 
Oxfam Somalia
Paper publication date: 
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The intense and persistent drought which began in 2016 has devastated Somaliland and wiped out millions of livestock, the key to rural livelihoods. Erratic rains and abnormally hot and dry conditions in the first half of 2019 further exacerbated the drought crisis, and over 594,000 people have been displaced since 2017.

Recovery remains elusive, as drought conditions continue and people lack the resources needed to rebuild livelihoods. Existing gender inequalities increase women’s and girls’ vulnerabilities when a crisis hits, and are exacerbated in the emergency. Protracted displacement and recurring clan-based conflicts amplify protection risks, as competition for resources increases.

This briefing note is a synthesis of two research pieces: a protection assessment and a rapid gender assessment, both completed in 2019.