Aafi working on his computer. Dustin Barter/Oxfam
By AbdiAziz Adani “It’s very frustrating for me and other youth to be unemployed. Everyone expects us to grow up and provide for our family. If youth can’t get a job and can’t provide for the family, we are not respected and not seen as adults” explains Aafi Abdirahman, a young graduate from...
Some of the youth representatives in the leadership training by SONYO. Dustin Barter/Oxfam
Youth in Somaliland are challenging societal norms to make sure they are fairly included and represented in parliament.
A woman and her son at the Karashaka IDP camp in Somaliland. Allan Gichigi/Oxfam
As 2018 comes to a close, we look at Oxfam and partners work during the past quarter. Despite drought and armed conflict retaining a tight grip throughout many parts of the country, urban youth building up the local tech sector and women in remote areas advancing gender equality, are just a show of...
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