DRC has the most number of coronavirus cases in the Horn East and Central Africa (HECA) region. The Forum of National Humanitarian and Development Organizations in DRC (FONAHD-RDC) is a network dedicated to building the capacities of its 98 member organizations and to supporting joint advocacy on...
A Congolese man cycles past a sign saying, "the fight against Ebola" in Mangina, DRC. John Wessels/Oxfam
Widespread turmoil caused by increased violence and displacements in the country are hampering efforts to control the Ebola virus, a year after the current outbreak was declared in DR Congo.
Oxfam supplying clean water to thousands of people affected by an unprecedented drought in Fadhi Gaab IDP camp, northern Somaliland. Allan Gichigi / Oxfam
16 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia have been adversely affected as a result of five consecutive poor to failed rains that have led to an unprecedented three-year drought. Crops have been decimated and families have lost nearly all their livestock, their main economic mainstay and...
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