Aafi working on his computer. Dustin Barter/Oxfam

By AbdiAziz Adani

“It’s very frustrating for me and other youth to be unemployed. Everyone expects us to grow up and provide for our family. If youth can’t get a job and can’t provide for the family, we are not respected and not...

Khadija at a community meeting in eastern Somaliland. (Oxfam)
By AbdiAziz Adani

"It’s exclusionary. When only men are making decisions that affect women, and no women are involved, women can feel injustice. Women are often not even informed of the decision-making,'' says Khadija, a women's rights activist in eastern Somaliland....

A woman walks through a settlement for displaced families in Somaliland. Allan Gichigi/Oxfam

Somalia’s debt forgotten, but not forgiven, is keeping the country from accessing much-needed foreign cash to stimulate development.

Some of the youth representatives in the leadership training by SONYO. Dustin Barter/Oxfam

Youth in Somaliland are challenging societal norms to make sure they are fairly included and represented in parliament.

Oxfam staff distributing water treatment kits in Juba, South Sudan. Albert Gonzalez Farran / Oxfam
By Loice Kiden

I became a refugee at the age of seven. I remember crouching in the dark and hearing the sound of gunfire and bombs. All of a sudden, everything had changed...

Make peace, not war. Robert Fogarty/Oxfam

Five years on since the start of the conflict, the ones who have lost so much – South Sudanese refugees – are the ones laying the groundwork for peace.

A man standing by carcasses of livestock in Somaliland. Allan Gichigi / Oxfam

Both inequality and climate change are hot topics, gaining traction as the bleak effects set in, but the intersection of the two demands far more attention and action. If we want to get serious on climate change, we must tackle inequality, and vice versa. Nowhere was this starker for me than on...

Theresie in her organic pineapple farm in eastern Rwanda. Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville / Oxfam

Women in eastern Rwanda are no longer trapped in a low income cycle, thanks to organic pineapples.

Dawa Deborah of the Loketa Women's Group in Rhino refugee settlement shows off one of the briquettes made by the group. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam is training refugee communities on how to make briquettes, which are essentially cooking charcoal made from solid waste.